tugas b.inggris

Name       : Devi.Oktaviani

Brith Date : Jakarta

Brith Date : 07 Oktober 1993

Religion    : Islam

Blood Type : O

City Zenship : Indonesia

Gender    : Female

Home Adress : Jl.Cimandiri raya Rt 004/Rw 05 No.21 Cipayung-Civita

E-mail      : deviepradipta@yahoo.co.id


Story My Family :

          This mylife and my family, my parent have two children one dotes and my son. we live at Tangerang on Jl.Cimandiri Raya at 21.

        The first dotes this mine, my name is Devi Oktaviani . im student i study at AMIK WAHANA MANDIRI UNIVERSITY one semester. Im work in SEAMOLEC, Im 17th years old. my aspiration manager.

       And the second my younge he is Ahmad Fanjuhari Rahman, he is a pupil he is 14th years old. he is study at Darusallam Junior High School, he weast born in Jakarta 08 January 1997.

       This is my Parent,my father name is Burhannudin, he is work TELKOM he is 41th years old,he is weast born in Jakarta 10 September 1970. and my mother mane is Mungahin, she is home maker, and she is weast born in Jakarta 20 Agust 1970.

       Every day me and family always together because my family a simple family, we always together. 🙂


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