ini ceritaku… mana ceritamu…

Here I am, I would like to tell you about my experience at Seamolec’s office, and studied at Amik Wahana Mandiri. That I have been chosen major of D3 program at Amik Wahana Mandiri, well honesty I did not belive in could get this D3 major, but thanks to god I could study this D3 major until now, has alots of stories and experience and has so many friends from anotherregions. I was so happy because I got the knowledges everything was running well until now. in the office I worked as apprentice job at IT Content division, so many staffs at Seamolec who were very welcoming to me, so many thing I have known about how to work and how to responsible to work, disciplines, and how to good communicates.

I really thankful to all staffs who were gave me a chance to study and to work at Seamolec’s office. and I thought studied in very fun pleace, I been so concentrated that I have chosen the major which isTKJ. so many things that I got in this major, who is I did not know about computer technique but now I studied that major. Thanks god I could running well until now, and thanks god I almost done from the started until ended, I’m focused with my last task. Insyaallah I will passing away for good result, amien.. I also thankful to all staffs who were contributed that gave me a chance to study and to work for apprentice job in the place that pround of it.


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